1 EL. Vegetable oil 1 medium sized bulb, chopped 1 medium sized red Paprika, entkernt, entkernt and gewürfelt in 1/2-inches piece 1 medium sized green Paprika, entkernt, entkernt and gewürfelt in 1/2-inches piece 2 stacks celery, thinly cut 1 £ PUT chopping meat 4 garlic toes, chopped 4,1 C. mild Chilipulver 1 28-oz. can the cut up tomatoes 1 15-oz. knows of Pinto beans, dripped off 1 tsp. dried Oregano 1 9-oz. Crate frozen corn

Description of way:

1. Heat a large pot with strong heat and add you the oil to spread so that it coats the lower surface of the pot evenly.
2. If the oil is hot, add the bulbs, red Paprika, become green to Paprika, celery, and in which and cook Turkey, often agitate, until Turkey lost their pinkness and through – approx. 2 minutes long cooked.
3. Add garlic and 1 minute cook.
4. Add the Chili powder and cook, under constant agitating, for 1 minute.
5. Add the tomatoes, beans, Oregano, salt and agitate you well to combine.
6. Bring the Chili to cooking bring and then the heat reduce and köcheln let, around low, be partly taken off, for 20 minutes, occasionally agitate.
7. Add frozen corn to combine attention and 10 minute more cook.
8. Serve.

6 Portion size: 1 1/4 cups

Approaching analysis (per portion):

PUT meat in this analysis uses Lean. 382 calories 30 g protein 13 g fat 531 mg sodium 138 mg calcium Note: Approaching analysis can depending upon added used marks to vary.

Variations and suggestions:

With rice serve, you can to the preparations begin, as soon as the Chili is Simmering.