* 1 egg
* 4,1 C. milk
* Prize vanilla sugar
* 1 EL. Margarine
* 2 pieces bread

Description of way:

1. Crack the egg into a medium sized dish give and well strike. Then mix in the milk and vanilla excerpt.
2. Set the margarine in a pan heat up. Heat up on the stove with middle heat heat up. It is hot enough, if the margarine begins to gush.
3. Dunk of each piece bread into the egg mixture. Guarantee, which is bread completely covered.
4. Cook bread in the pan at low heat frittieren, until the lower surface is light brown (approx. 5 minutes).
5. Use putty, over bread turn, and cook again for further 5 minutes.
6. To transfer with the spatula to the French toast to a plate.

2 Portionsize: 1 disk

Approaching analysis (per portion):

162 calories 6 g protein 9 g fat 13 g of coal hydrates 0 g of ballast materials 107 mg Cholesterin 218 mg sodium 80 mg calcium 1.1 mg iron

Note: Approaching analysis can depending upon added used marks to vary.

Proposal: Eat its French toast with Puderzucker, Zimt, maple syrup, jam, fruit or at the point.