* 1 8-oz. Container your favourite taste of yogurt

Description of way:

1. Pour yogurt into small paper cups. Fill they nearly to the point.
2. Stretch a small piece of plastic foil right at the top on each cup.
3. With an ice at the handle hold, a poke hole into the plastic foil. Conditions the straight upward in the center of the cup hold.
4. Set the cup into the Gefrierschrank, until that is yogurt firmly frozen.
5. If you remove the plastic foil, the paper cups peel themselves, and eat yours pop!

3-4 Portion size: 1 pop

Approaching analysis (per portion):

127 calories 5 g protein 2 g fat 21 g of coal hydrates 0 g of ballast materials 7 mg Cholesterin 73 mg sodium 262 mg calcium 0 mg iron

Note: Approaching analysis can depending upon added used marks to vary.

Proposals: If you liked, you know this prescription with plastic ice Pop forms instead of the paper cups and Popsicle stick. For a looking cool Snack, you fill your cups with a taste of yogurt in step 1st obeying you the steps 2, 3 and 4th removing you appear only halfway from the Gefrierschrank, take you the plastic cover, and spoon in another taste from yogurt that another color is. Put the foil and to freeze again. If opens you frozen, you treated two-colored!