* ” 1 12; Pizza basis (a large Boboli Shell is excellent)
* 1 14-oz. can chopped tomatoes
* Sheets fresh Basilikum, finely cut
* 2 or 3 pieces of ham or Parmaschinken, very thin disks cut (can at the bar, where Deli)
* zerkrümelt 4 ounces Fetakäse,
* 1 EL. Olive oil

Description of way:

1. Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) preheat furnace on 400 degrees.
2. Set for the Pizzateig on a baking sheet metal give and with a layer from tomatoes.
3. Strew the Basilikum over the tomatoes.
4. Tear the Prosciutto or Parmaschinken into small pieces and put the pieces over the Pizza. Strew the Pizza with Feta cheese.
5. Drizzle the olive oil over the Pizza.
6. Cook into the furnace for 12-15 minutes or to the cheese bräunt and blisters. CUT in 8 disks cut to divide and enjoy!

4 Portion size: 2 disks

Approaching analysis (per portion):

484 calories 24 g protein 19 g fat 58 g of coal hydrates 0 g of ballast materials 38 mg Cholesterin 1765 mg sodium 350 mg calcium 2.1 mg iron

Proposals: Experiment with other surface on the Pizza: Olives, Paprika, Brokkoli, Avocado, and which always you would like!