* 1 C. flour
* 1 C. rolled oats
* ½ C. butter or margarine, softly
* 1/3 C. of brown sugars
* ¼ tl. Baking powder
* 8,1 tsp. Salt
* ¾ C. Erdbeermarmelade

Description of way:

1. Preheat furnace on 350 ° Fahrenheit (180 ° Celsius).
2. In a large dish mix everything together except the Erdbeermarmelade.
3. Measure 2 cups of this mixture. Let the remainder into the dish and put you it aside.
4. Take the 2 cups of the mixture and press you it into the ground a square (8 ” x 8″) pan coats with non-adhesive spray or shortening. They can your hands or a spoon. Let us make sure cover the entire ground of the pan!
5. With a large spoon, the Erdbeermarmelade on the mixture spread into the pan. Distribute it evenly at the whole body.
6. Take the mixture, which was remaining in the dish, and spread it over the Erdbeermarmelade. Press it easily downward.
7. Bake for 25 minutes. Remove the pan from the furnace and let you it for at least 15 minutes cooling leave. 8. Cut the bars into 12 squares to eat and divide!

12 Portion size: 1 place

Approaching analysis (per portion):

211 calories 2 g protein 9 g fat 32 g of coal hydrates 1 g of ballast materials 22 mg Cholesterin 126 mg sodium 16 mg calcium 0.9 mg iron Note: Approaching analysis can depending upon added used marks to vary.