* 1 green, yellow or red Paprika, washed
* 1 bar celery, washed
* 1 carrot, washed and peeled
* Their favourite Dressing

Description of way:

1. Cut the Paprika in the center (from left to right). Clean the seeds from the inside and gunk. Now you have two pieces. One will become it pepper förmige bowl.
2. Cut the other half the Paprika into thin disks cut.
3. Cut the carrots into thin Stäbchen about 4 ” long.
4. Cut the celery into thin Stäbchen about 4 ” long.
5. Set a small salad Dressing in the lower surface of the bowl pepper.
6. PUT bar celery, carrot stick, pepper and Paprika disks into the dish give.
7. Now you have a portable veggie to treat have! They can pull vegetables out and eat them also little Dressing. Then, if you are finished with the vegetable, it is time, in order to eat the dish!

1 Portion size: 1 dish veggie

Approaching analysis (per portion):

93 calories 3 g protein 1 g fat 22 g of coal hydrates 4 g of ballast materials 0 mg Cholesterin 98 mg sodium 71 mg calcium 0.7 mg iron

Note: Approaching analysis can depending upon added used marks to vary.