1 1 / 2 c. Rösti
1 1 / 2 c. Protein
2.1 c. Onion, chopped
2.1 c. red bell pepper, chopped
1 c. Broccoli florets, cut into small pieces
4.3 c. Light cheddar cheese
1 tbsp. Margarine


   1st Preheat broiler.
   2nd Wrap the pan with nonstick aluminum foil process.
   3rd In pan, sauté vegetables and hash browns in 1 tbsp. Light margarine over medium heat for 5 minutes.
   4th Spread hash browns and vegetables evenly in pan.
   5th Pour egg whites in a pan on the hash browns and vegetables.
   6th Cook until eggs are almost done.
   7th Top with cheese. Crickets, until the cheese has melted.

Serves: 4

Serving size: 4.1 by 10 “pan

Nutritional analysis (per serving):

232 calories
14 g protein
11 g fat
4 g Sat Fat
22 g carbohydrates
2 g fiber
8 mg cholesterol
308 mg sodium
205 mg calcium
2.3 mg Iron

Diabetic exchanges:

1 1 / 2 carbohydrate exchange

Note: Nutritional analysis may vary depending on ingredient brands used.

Variations and suggestions:

Use fresh or frozen vegetables (make sure to thaw them first). Use any vegetable you have in your refrigerator. to increase add 1 / 2 cup of leftover ham, chicken, turkey or the quantity of the protein.