For the pepperonata

    * 1 onion, sliced
    * 2 tablespoons olive oil
    Remove * 2 red peppers, stems, cored and cut into long strips
    * 2 garlic cloves, minced
    * ¼ teaspoon fennel seeds
    * 400g can of chopped tomatoes
    * 2 teaspoons tomato paste
    * Salt and pepper

For the ravioli

    * 3 sheets (75g / 2 ½ oz) fresh lasagna
    * 60g (2oz) soft goat cheese
    * 1 bag of green pesto


   1st First, make the pepperonata. Fry the onion lightly in olive oil until soft and translucent. Add the peppers, garlic and fennel seeds and cook for 1 minute more. Cover the pan and let it gently to cook in their own juice for 5 minutes.
   2nd Add the remaining ingredients and a small glass of water. Bring to the boil and let simmer gently for half an hour, uncovered, stirring occasionally. If the mixture dries out too quickly, threatening to burn only a little more water and stir then allow it to bubble away gently. The long cooking time really develops the flavors, so do not try to overthrow it. Until it is finished, the mixture should be thick and intense aroma. Taste and season to taste. If not immediately be with, cool and store, covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator for up to two days. Reheat if necessary.
   3rd Just before serving, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cut the sheet to be covered in half of lasagna noodles into the water. Cook for 2 minutes or as package directions until just al dente (see tip above).
   4th Meanwhile, you heat the pepperonata if necessary. Drain the pasta, spread a small spoonful pepperonata on each plate, top with a square of lasagna. Pile a large spoon pepperonata on that then another box of lasagna. Repeat. Now the last spoonful of pepperonata about this, top with a scoop of goat cheese and top with the pesto over each dish. Serve immediately.

Nutrition information

Guideline Daily Amount of 2,000 calories per day are: 70g fat, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar, 6g of salt.